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Hello there,

Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to let you know that George is having a little get together to celebrate his thirty-third anniversary in this little blue earth.

Celebration will take place on Friday, March the 4th, somewhere around 7:30~ish p.m. This of course is a not-so-formal affair, but we really hope you can join us.

George currently resides at 317 Torres St.
(the house the father has dubbed “The Alamito”)

Food will be available, as well as libations and not-so-fine-entertainment, however we are not to discourage anyone if they so desire to share anything with the group.

An RSVP is highly encouraged, Bernie is a bit of a stickler about these things. Email or text should suffice but please feel free to wave into our general direction while yelling “hellz yeah” –probably best within George’s ear distance.

In lieu of gifts and offerings please consider a donation to your local animal shelter, alternatively, may we suggest wildflower seeds for George’s barren garden, although, none are required.

Questions, comments, concerns–or you would like to talk about your day, please feel free to contact us.


Bernie & George