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Hello there,

Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to let you know that I’m is having a little party, so let’s get together for some good ol’ Halloween shenanigans.

Fun will take place the weekend before Halloween, on Friday, October 21st somewhere around 7:30~ish p.m. This of course is a not-so-formal affair, however, Bernie will be wearing a costume and demands everyone to suffer this ordeal with him.
So yeah, costumes are a must.

Target house to is located on 317 Torres St.
Will leave some TP out if you feeling mischievous.

Some food will be available, as well as libations and not-so-spooky-entertainment, however, should you be inclined to share food or drink with the group, please feel free to do so.

Questions, comments, concerns–or if you would like to coordinate costumes, feel free to contact us.

Ghostest with the mostest,

Bernie & George